Bitwyre:Next-Gen Ultra Low-Latency Crypto Derivatives Exchange

We combine ultra low-latency trading technology, with DKG-MPC technology with ZKP for institutional settlement. What you are waiting for? Start now

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Our Features

Our platform is revolutionary because it comes equipped with a plethora of features
that will help you to execute all your ideas. Just for you

Low Latency

We are blazingly fast. The round trip time (RTT) for an order inserted to our matching engine is 500 microseconds. We are the fastest crypto derivatives exchange on the earth!


Interested to host your trading machine next to our exchange engine? If you are a professional institution, this might be the best deal for you.


We use both centralized clearing and settlement as well as experimental proprietary DKG-MPC with ZKP settlement for institutional crypto clients.

Crypto Derivatives

We are the pioneer of crypto perpetual options and one of the few derivatives exchange that survived 2022. Try out our innovative perpetual/everlasting options!

We value your financial privacy and security

We encrypt your personal data in our database with ECIES Hybrid Encryption Scheme to avoid private information leakage in an event of breach. We also make sure to follow good security practices of using multi signature addresses. Separating our hot, warm and cold crypto storages


Our competitive fees and interest rates

We provide competitive fees and margin interest rates for derivatives positions. We are committed to providing the best possible trading.

Zero Comission Trading

0% maker taker fee

CFD Products

Perpetual Swaps, Options, Spreads


Leveraged Positions Up to 125x

Institutional Custody

Your funds security is our priority.


We provide insurance products for your crypto.

Self-Match Prevention

We adhere to the highest Western standard for capital markets.

Round-trip time (RTT) 99%

500 microseconds

USD Margined

Collateral and Settlement in USD and various cryptocurrencies.

Advanced with Our Software Development Kit (SDK)

Customize your trading algorithm to your needs. An SDK for building algorithmic trading systems. Check them out.


Whatever comes, we are here for you.

Our dedicated customer support team has your back. Whatever comes your way, we're here to provide personalized assistance, solutions, and unwavering support every step of the journey.

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