Bitwyre is a next gen, HFT-friendly Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange

We are taking crypto trading in a new direction by offering low-latency trading infrastructure. Market makers could colocate in our datacentre in Jakarta to conduct better execution strategies. We also offer monthly cash-settled futures, vanilla options, volatility and interest-rate swaps.

Bitwyre features

Bitwyre is revolutionary because it comes equipped with a plathora of features that will help you to execute all your ideas.

Algorithmic trading friendly API
Algorithmic trading friendly API
Our platform provides the best APIs, REST, Websocket and FIX to execute your trades. We have an SDK too.
Interested to host your trading machine next to our exchange engine? If you are a professional market maker we also provide you with a competitive rebate.
Afraid that you might move the markets? Execute your trades on our darkpools. Interested to experience peer-to-peer clearing by reducing centralized risk? Use our special p2p order type by specifying a 2-of-3 address. Only swap the crypto/fiat when the trade is executed.
Crypto Derivatives
Crypto Derivatives
Are you holding cryptocurrencies but afraid to risk it to centralized clearing houses? Trade our derivatives products instead. You can find futures, calendar spreads and options that are tailored to your needs.

We value your financial privacy and security

We value your financial privacy &security. We encrypt our trading database with X25519 to avoid private information leakage in an event of breach. We also make sure to follow good security practices of using multi signature addresses, hot, warm and cold storages.

Bitwyre's competitive fees and interest rates

We provide competitive fees and margin interest rates for derivatives positions.

Spot market maker fee
Spot market taker fee
Derivatives market maker fee
Derivatives market taker fee
Withdrawal fees
We implement market order with protection.
Low slippage
Round-trip time (RTT) 99%
1 ms
Standard clearing directly in United States Dollar

Use your phone to trade, anywhere, anytime.

Markets are moving fast. We provide you with an app to never miss the next opportunity.

Trade with maximum comfort from desktop.

Organised interface gives you more control over how you’re handling your digital assets.

Whatever comes, we are here for you.

We are here to listen to your trading needs. We don’t intend to only have next-gen as a marketing gimmick. We are here to provide you with the best tools to maximize your trading experience. Our customer support is open 24/7.

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Risk Warning

Crypto Currency is a high risk investment. Crypto currency prices can be very volatile, where the prices may change significantly from time to time.


Bitwyre is a centralized crypto spot and derivatives exchange trading platform.

Bitwyre and the mobile apps issued under Bitwyre are wholly owned and operated by Bitwyre Technologies Holding Corporation, a Panamian incorporated entity or its relevant authorized affiliates.