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Bitwyre Beta Private Trading Competition Recap

- By Marketing Team


Bitwyre Beta Private Trading Competition has officially ended! This exclusive event was designed to bring traders together in a competition to top the trading leaderboard.

This competition also served as a beta testing phase to identify bugs and errors in Bitwyre’s website. The competition ran for a period of 2 weeks, starting on May 17, 2024, and concluding on May 31, 2024. 

Highlights of the Competition

Highlights of Bitwyre Beta Private Trading Competition

List of Bitwyre Beta Private Trading Competition Winners

We’ve had an amazing two weeks, and we are excited to announce the winners’ names!

Slitter $250

List of Bug Bounty Winners

Thank you for your bug reports! In no particular order here’s the bounty winners. Our engineering team worked hard to solve your issues. The team takes into consideration the first bugs that were reported, meaning we remove duplicate reports.

1. Bloodyroar

2. CharlieS.96

3. TypeC

4. Calcium

5. Keyy

6. Mehdi2103

7. Minazuki

8. Daniswawara21

9. Muhamadadam777

10. Arash.anejad

11. Bigben

Congratulations to all the winners of the Bitwyre Beta Private Trading Competition! We are going to distribute the prize to your USDT Tron Wallet Address on your Bitwyre Account. The distribution will take a maximum of 3 business days.

Thank you for the enthusiasm and participation. We also anticipate your continued involvement in our upcoming Trading Competitions!

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